Digital Surface Model

Digital Surface Model WA

Digital Surface Model

By using a drone flying over the survey area, aerial data can be collected. This raw data can be taken and processed to create a detailed and accurate Digital Surface Model (DSM). We apply intelligent processing to the raw image data, to create an accurate vector triangulation model. We can also perform further post processing to remove features such as buildings, trees, etc. A DSM created by Evolution Mapping can be used across multiple industries to perform accurate and detailed calculations and measurements.

High-Quality Data

We use survey grade drones to capture raw aerial data as the basis of the DSM. Standard ground sample distance (GSD) of 2.4 cm/px at a flight attitude of 120m; higher resolutions are available. Absolute horizontal accuracy down to 1 cm if required by specification.


We can provide various post-processing services to enhance the DSM to fit your needs.

Precise & Accurate

A DSM from Evolution Mapping is suitable for any application that requires exceptional accuracy and precision. We can also process the data and use it in the production of plans, reports and data sets for more complex applications